The ABCFP recently broadcast two webinars on LiDAR and the recordings are now availble. The first webinar featured Roger Whitehead from the Canadian Wood Fiber Centre, and Steve Platt, RFT, a consultant from Strategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc. Roger provided a brief introduction to LiDAR, its basic products and emphasized benefits and applications at both operational and strategic levels, as well as challenging the widely held belief that “LiDAR is very expensive.” Steve concentrated on the benefits of using good data and provided a demonstration on how LiDAR can be used with operational planning. Here is the link to view a recording of this webinar.

The second webinar included presentations of experiences and new developments with LiDAR acquisition and uses in some coastal forest operations. In addition, a presentation from the Forest Lands and Natural Resources Operations (FLNRO) Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch (FAIB) provided further information about LiDAR and a summary of FAIB LiDAR projects. Presenters included Colleen MacLean-Marlow, RPF (consultant with Rockview Resources Ltd.); Deidre Haight, RPF (planning officer with BC Timber Sales, Seaward-Tlasta); and Chris Butson (FLNRO, Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch). Here is a link to view a recording of this webinar.

The ABCFP appreciates efforts of the presenters and those who helped to answer questions. Their contributions made the webinars a great success.